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Specialising in stills and video for humanitarian, charity and development projects, as well as travel and adventure in remote and interesting locations, Stitching Pictures is Geraint Hill,  a British filmmaker and photographer.

The Stitching Pictures was formed to create objective, groundbreaking visual media that highlights and reflects on humanity in all it's many facets, as well as the environment and world that surrounds us. 


Operating  globally, nationally and at a local level Geraint will travel to wherever a voice is needed, no matter how curious or unlikely the location or situation.


Documentary film making can be traced back as far as 1898 and documentary photography even further, with images of the American Civil War providing some of the most powerful and fascinating visions of history. Though the techniques and equipment have changed dramatically, the principles and indeed, maybe even the themes captured, have not.


Stitching Pictures aims to combine new technology and techniques with traditional, ethical principles, to provide truthful, bold and resonating images. 


Stitching Pictures. Moving Images.



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